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Who we are

Joe Minnella first began studying film as a senior at the University of Scranton. After graduation, he attended New York Film Academy and went on to produce several short films and music videos. In 2010, he premiered his first feature film, Maria's Gravy Pot, at the Garden State Film Festival. Joe wrote, directed, shot, edited and produced the film along with fellow producer, writer, and production designer, Dennis B Pornel. Joe and Dennis have been operating partners since their days of working at Houlihan's Restaurant together in the early 2000's. 
"There is no one like him in the business. He always finds a way to get any job done. I've never seen him work on anything that is not above average."
Joe went on to work a few years as a freelance cinematographer before starting this company. Their work dramatically evolves with each project as Joe and his crew maintain that they will always be students of the craft. In their time covering weddings and other events, they played an instrumental role in shaping the tremendous quality of many of today's event films.

"To stay relevant in this industry you have to work extremely hard, but you also have to continue to learn and experiment. It's all about taking a unique approach to creating something truly special for our clients and audiences."

The studio's most recent project is After Sandy, a feature length documentary covering the two year aftermath of Hurricane Sandy in New Jersey. The film is just about complete and will be released by the end of 2015.

"This was my first experience as a journalist and it has completely changed my life. I look forward to sharing the film with all those that were affected, played a role in the rebuilding process, or just want to learn about just what happens to an area after a disaster." 

The future is an open book that the studio can't wait to get started on. Joe boasts a small but "incredible" crew and plans to continue to grow the studio into other industries and attain new goals.
  "I've been blessed with some very talented, reliable, and hard working people at my side. My amazing wife, Melissa Minnella, has also stepped in and been a part of some amazing work. We'd be nothing without her and Dennis. And this is only the beginning."
-Joe M.